Early arrivals

If you are planning to arrive in Melbourne before the published regatta dates (21-28 February 2020) we would appreciate if you could contact the host club and advise of your arrival plans. Please contact James Sly, boating@syc.com.au, +61 3 9599 0907.

Trailer storage

Trailers can be stored at the Sandringham East Primary Schools between 20 December 2019 and 24 January 2020. The school is a 7 minute drive from SYC.

Vehicle parking

During the published regatta actual dates (with the exception of Saturdays 18th January 2020 and Saturday 15th February 2020), vehicles may be parked at Trey Bit Reserve located off Jetty Road. Vehicles may not be left overnight, and no camping is permitted.


There is no available space at SYC for the storage of containers.

Unloading of containers at SYC must be pre-arranged via the host club and be conducted promptly on the day of arrival. Please contact James Sly, boating@syc.com.au, +61 3 9599 0907.

Our strong preference is for containers to be stored at commercial facilities off-site by arrangement with your shipping / transportation agent.

Elna Press is providing access to a vacant grass block at 10 Elna Court. The block has a cyclone wire fence and a lock on the gate. The site is not security monitored so Sailors should arrange their own insurance as Elna will not accept responsibility for any goods left on the site.

This site is being provided for storage at no cost so it must be kept clean and tidy and Elna Press reserves the right to ask Sailors to clean up their area.

Access to the site will be available from 7.30 am until 4 pm on weekdays only. The key to the gate can be collected and signed for at the reception at 12 Elna Court and must be returned after securing the gate.

There is no facility to unload the container on the site so containers must be delivered on a side loader. When delivering the container please ensure the container is unloaded at the rear of the block leaving space between each container for side loader access in case containers need to be removed prior to the completion of your event. See location plan and site layout plan below.

The contact is Wendy Heaney and the contact telephone number is: +61 3 9555 2311.





What food options are available at the venue?
Sandringham yacht Club has a member’s bar which will be available to sailors and guests. This provides a range of fresh food, cooked meals, soft and alcoholic drinks. Also, at the Club, the Ken King Centre will offer healthy roles, snacks and a range of drinks during the regatta.
There is a coffee shop / café adjacent to the Club and a range of supermarket and restaurants / cafes in Sandringham Village which is a 15 min walk or 5 minute car ride from the venue.

Will boat dolleys be shared?
Yes. Boat dolleys are to be shared during the regatta and must be in good condition. It is recommended a visible means of identifying your dolley be attached.